Jul 14, 2010

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Today you can, Tomorrow you Cannot by Nouman Ali Khan


  1. Masha Allah, amazing!

  2. Muslimah says:

    JazakiAllah khair sister for sharing this motivating lecture by Brother Nouman. It was really motivating esp. for the untrained, young and impatient da’ee. I really liked each and every fact that brother nouman highlighted about the young brothers and sisters who are trying to follow
    Islam in the most perfect manner but they are unintentionally really going away from their closest family members. Our manners and our sincere services for them could be the initial steps to come closer to them in order to give dawah to them in the most dignified manner. This whole process indeed requires alot of patiience and help of Allah, so ask Allah’s help and do the dawah in a diversified manner.

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