Feb 15, 2009

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This website ‘Are We Prepared’ is a small effort which has contribution from many of my friends and relatives in many ways.

I would like to extend my special thanks to my dear friend Saira for encouraging me to start this.

Then I would like to thank my parents, siblings and my dear friends Noor, Suhail, Shajahan, Akhlima, Mehnaz, Ramitha, Haadia and Tabassum for giving me various ideas in making this website more beneficial for all of us.

I would also like to sincerely thank Firoz (my better half) for helping me set up this website.

May Allah reward you all immensely.

The Articles , Videos and Audios  published on the website are by various scholars and writers .

There is a category called Daily Pearls of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).  In this category, one hadith is posted everyday.

We also have a section for Daily Gems. They are words of wisdom which keeps us thinking and reflecting.

Insha Allah we shall do our best of adding new entries through which we all can benefit.

I would highly encourage you to share inspiring stories from your personal experience. Kindly mail it to us. Insha Allah we shall publish it on the website.
Any suggestions to make this website better are welcome.

As mentioned in the page About ‘Are We Prepared’, our main intention for starting this website was to learn more on Islam, start implementing it in our life which will help us for the hereafter.

May Allah guide all of us to the straight path and help us Increase our knowledge.

Starting this website was a very special moment in my life, that with the blessings of Allah I was able to fulfill my dream of publishing a website of this kind.

With the permission of Allah, I would like to dedicate this to everyone who happens to log into this website.

  1. gul ghuttai says:

    im from Pakistan..sis i congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful work, SUBHAAN’ALLAH!! May ALLAH SUBHAANA WA TA’ALA reward you abunantly, ameen

  2. Assalamalikum!
    sister jazakallah o khairan.
    may Allah give u the best in everything of both worlds.
    its always very very important to have such people like u who do somthing relating to islam.
    happy 4 u.
    best of luck.

  3. subhan allah,sheji by starting this site u have cleared many of my doubts,Insha allah i m still reading n benefiting from it.thank you.

  4. subhanallah…may Allah (SWT) reward you both in this duniya and in the Akhira for such an amazing site you have put up..inshaallah.

  5. Aslamualakum Congradulations on opening a new website for us all.I hope it helps us all to become practical Muslims.It is a good platform for us to express our views and share experiences about Islam.May Allah reward ur hard work.

  6. May Allah help you and everyone participate in this noble act. May Allah reward immensely. – Ameen

  7. SubhnAllah,a good start.May Allah grant u n others the rite hikmaah,to benefit ourself n others through this site.n may Allah bless u immensly for ur time n effort.ameen.

  8. fathima says:

    Jazakillahi khair…may this work of urs benefit u and all readers inshAllah…Keep it up, dear…I m so proud to have u as my friend…
    Allahu akbar…

  9. Tayyaba Khalil says:

    as-salamu alykum wa rehmatullahe wa baraktuhu

    May Allah reward sister Shayistha Abdulla. This website has real useful content, masha’Allah. I love Daily pearls of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Da’wah series articles. barak Allahu feekum sister and jazakallah khayran.

    Lahore, Pakistan

  10. WalaikumAssalam..

    JazakALlahu Khairan…


  11. Arsheed says:

    This is what I always wanted to do. This is the difference is all about dreaming and implementing. Jazak Allah.

    Have any tips for me?

  12. as-salamu alykum wa rehmatullahe wa baraktuhu
    Great Work …………..
    i am plesed to surf this site….
    may Allah bless u immensly for ur time n effort.[b]ameen.[/b]

  13. as-salamu alykum that’s a great thing you did and gathering information and arranging them in good manner is difficult job i hope for your success tack care

  14. Habib Contractor says:

    As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu,

    Sister, May Allah swt. reward you immensely for such an EXCELLENT work. I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefited
    your articles.

    Alhamdu lillah, The article about "Characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad" (saw) is an exceptionally detail piece with all the references and supporting evidences.

    Jazakumullah Khairan and was Salam.

  15. Subhanallah ..WOnderful job..may Allah SWT grant all of us the knowledge to know our religion better and implement it in our daily life ..insa allah .. and protect our fellow people from SHirk .. the greatest sin of all …

  16. nazeera says:

    Just saw your site.Insha Allah will go through it regularly.keep up the good work.

  17. may Allah have mercy on us

  18. Mohammed Hafis Ibrahim says:

    Assalamu alikum, thank u very much. May allah wiil bless for ur work.

  19. Aatika shaikh says:

    assalam alaikum….u are doing best work , which ALLAH loves….may ALLAH give hidayat 2 everyone ..aameen

  20. Aatika shaikh says:

    n inshallah …..i will go through it regularly…

  21. Aaminah Bint Sulaymaan says:

    Assalämu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullähi wa barakätuh dear sister, jazäkillähu khairan for this beautiful and inspiring work! May Allah increase your Eemän and knowledge, ämeen. I love you, my dearest sister for the sake of Allah! Assalämu ‘alaikum…

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