Mar 22, 2009

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Sahl Ozman, Blessed By Allah

Allah says in the Qur'an: "And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sâbirun (the patient)" (2:155) "Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: 'Truly! To Allâh we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.'" (2:156) "They are those on whom are the Salawât (i.e. who are blessed and will be forgiven) from their Lord, and (they are those who) receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided-ones" (2:157)

8th January, 2009


I thought of putting together this experience of mine, hoping that someone somewhere could benefit from this, Insha Allah…

How would you feel when you are told by the doctor during the fourth month of pregnancy that the child might not be born alive or would live only for few hours???

This is the same thing what I was being told…

Nine months of my pregnancy and the 8 hours I spent with Sahl before he was returned to Allah are the best moments I would always cherish in my life. I enjoyed each and every moment spent with him. I washed him, clothed him, held him in my hands, slept along with him… I never expected that I could spend so much time with him, but Alhamdulillah, Allah gave us 8 hours to admire his little feet’s and hands.

Sahl started growing in my tummy always listening to the words of Allah (QURAN). He was listening to Quran till his last breath while I was delivering him.

My husband's support, love and care during my entire pregnancy and his words of comfort during this trial (from Allah) are just indescribable. He was always there for me when I needed him. Even during my delivery, holding my hands and comforting me… May Allah reward him immensely (Ameen)

When I delivered, the doctor told "the baby has passed away"…

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajioon ("To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return.") Sahl was wrapped in a cloth and given to me immediately. Tears rolled down my eyes, that Allah chose Sahl among the blessed ones.

The Nurse, Firoz and I started to wash Sahl.  My parents then came into the room and saw their blessed grandchild. We took many pictures together, which we can cherish all throughout.

My parents along with Firoz and I dressed up Sahl in all white, Masha Allah, He looked so adorable.

Sahl was so peacefully lying on my arms; looked exactly as he was enjoying the warmth of his mother's arms.  As time passed by, he was glowing more and more and looked more adorable, Alhamdulillah.

In a while all our friends started to come. All held him and admired him. Our friends supported us a lot in every possible way they could. May Allah reward them all immensely.

Alhamdu Lillah we got incredible support and love from our family. Their soothing words of wisdom helped us a lot. May Allah reward them all.

The hospital staff and doctors were just amazing, Alhamdulillah. We couldn't expect anything more from them. They respected our religion so much, Alhamdulillah that they gave us everything what we had requested for.

Sahl's Dad was busy making arrangements for the funeral. And still managed time in between to come and be with his son and his wife and give words of courage. All arrangements done, it was time for Sahl to be returned to Allah as prescribed in Islam.

I hugged him, kissed his eyes, nose and lips and told him silently "We will meet soon in heaven".  I then handed over my son to his Dad who would carry him all the way to the cemetery. 

Sahl which means Easy, left this world and went to Heaven Easily, Peacefully and Happily.

It was indeed a day I would never forget in my life. 

Even though we knew that our son was suffering from a severe abnormality, we accepted it as a test from Allah which everyone goes through in some or the other form. We are thankful to Allah that He bestowed on us extreme patience Alhamdulillah. We lived our life as normal as possible without letting anybody know our feelings because everything is from Allah. Crying and feeling sad will make us ungrateful to Allah because Allah really chose 'us' to have a son who belongs to heaven Insha Allah.

Once a Companion narrated that he said to another Companion, Abu Hurairah: "Two of my children have passed away, so can you tell me a hadith that gives me calmness and solace?" Abu Hurairah said: "Yes, the little ones are the birds of Paradise. Each one of them will meet his or her parents, take hold of their clothes, and will not stop until Almighty Allah allows him and his parents into Paradise." (Muslim)

Note: unless he/she does not fall into any major sin like shirk

We tried to always reflect upon verses from the Quran and Hadith which spoke about those who are patient. Words of Allah and firm belief in the Hereafter helped us to be strong to overcome this loss (gain in fact) very patiently.

Allah says:

"O you who believe! Seek help in patience and As-Salât (the prayer). Truly! Allâh is with As-Sâbirun (the patient.)" (2:153)

“Only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning." (39:10)

May Allah bless us all with righteous children who will benefit us in this world and in the hereafter.

Please include us in your prayers.

  1. May Allah always bless you and your family..

  2. My dear Sister..

    I feel so touched after reading this article. InshaAllah, Allah SWT will bless you and Firoz Bhai with Sabr, and Reward for your loss. Aameen.

    Islamabad, Pakistan

  3. Dear Shayistha
    Your article was so touching.Inshaallah,may allah bless you both for being patient and gift you with children who will be a blessing in this world and the hereafter.Ameen.

  4. May Allah (SWT) reward you abundantly for your patience and may Sahl be your key to Heaven inshaAllah.

  5. Dear Sis,May allah reward you and your family for your immense patience.Aameen

  6. Almas Mulla says:

    Dear sister As salam o aleikum,after reading your story i really got some courage to deliver my next child as i have also suffer the same as you but my child was only 6 month in my womb who was named Abdulla mohammed .
    May allah give reward to you with patients,hope,and
    blessing to us with children in this world hereafter..Ameen.!

  7. asak sheji may ALLAH bless you and ur family immensely.ameen.

  8. Assalamualyekum!!
    lovely sis, May Allah subhana wata ala grant u gr8 ajar for ur patience, ameen

  9. Walaikum Assalam sisters.

    Sister Almas, my main intention for writing such an article was to help any couple out there, who might be facing such a situation. And to help those couples who are thinking of abortion for no valid Islamic reason.

    I remember one of my friends friend, decided not to abort her baby, after reading another similar article like this.

    May Allah help us all get more courage during such situations and may Allah bestow on all of us abundant patience.

  10. May Allah Amighty shower his grace on u and all of us only in His remembrance lies peace.Allah is wth u.My prayers are always for u.Ameen

  11. Dear Shayistha,
    Very touching indeed.
    May Allah bless you n ur family n gv u the rewards for being so patient,helping out others to come closer to Islam n its virtues.Alhamdulillah ur site has been truly a blessing for me.May you continue doing so.

  12. ummabraar says:

    asalamualaikum shayistha,
    really ur a inspiration and a GOOD example for those like me who moan n groan for silly test from Allah subhan wa tala(astagfirulla),may Allah forgive me,n May Allah bless u immensly for ur patiences n complete tawakkul.ameen
    really after knwin u i am trying 2 instill this quality of patiences in trouble times a lot more thn earlier.jazakillah khair dear sister.

  13. umm baqa ali says:

    Subhan Allah, may Allah give us all such patience and gratitude for all our blessings,Ameen

  14. Nida Saquib says:

    My Dear Sister,
    Your story made tears rolled down from my eyes as I felt I was remembering my son Esa who died 18 hours after birth. I was told in the 8th month of my pregnancy about his abnormality. I did the same as you did alhumdullah.
    He would have been four years if he would be alive. Allah has blessed me with a 2 yr old daughter now, Mashallah.We will meet our Son in Jannah, Ameen.
    May Allah give you patience, strengthen your eman and replace you with something better.Ameen

  15. Assalamualikum Sister Nida.

    May Allah help all those parents who lost their children to reunite in Jannah.Ameen


  16. Mohamed Rafeeq says:

    Masha Allah!! You are an example of a true Muslim…Your article has opened my eyes – how ungrateful we are to Allmighty Allah – we never thank him for all the good he provides, and can never accept any hardship as a test of our eman. I admire your faith and May Allah shower his blessings on you and family.

  17. amina Omar says:

    As salaams alai kum
    May Allah grant you and your family and all of us with peace and happiness and with righteous children
    may Allah protect us from trials and keep us all steadfast till our last breath Ameen
    jazakala for sharing your experience

  18. Sameer Badruddin says:

    Sister, Masha Allah for ur courage and the courage of ur spouse and family members.
    Very Touching Indeed.

    May Allah bless u with Harmony, Bliss n of course Deen (Religion) n Duniya (World).

    Masha Allah.

  19. anish ahmed says:

    AoA.really after reviewing ur article its very heart touching story,may allah bless us,ameen

  20. dear shayistha…
    i admire ur courage mashallah to withstand such a trial… May ALLAH bless u n ur family for standing by u at this time.I can understand being a mother what u mustve undergone at that moment…yet u reamined thankful to Allah.. Inshallah u will get back ur sahl ozman on the day of judgement and he will inshallah take u to jannah.

  21. Very touching words. I’ll forward this to my relatives. May Allah bless both of you with wonderful children soon.


  22. nisha fakrudeen says:

    really touching words…May Allah reward u for ur patience…insha allah!

  23. Dear Sister shahista,

    Was reading this and had tears rolling down…

    May allah reward you and ur hubby for the patience and all that u have gone through..

    fuhaid & lubna

  24. Assalamu alaikum dear

    I never read this until now. But subhanallah you are among the lucky ones Allah has put courage upon. I always felt that there was a better relationship and understanding between Allah and me in times of trouble. When there are good times i miss that sincerety of every dua that i make to Him. When there are afflictions jus remember that our beloved Prophet’s life was filled with trials and tribulations…. For sure wealth and children are a test from Allah. Easier said than done . But u are an example that with true tawakkul it becomes possible to overcome such grief and exhibhit such courage. Im so proud of you MashaAllah.

    May this be a way for ur entry into Jannah…..and may Allah bless you with many more…. InshaAllah !

  25. Walaiakum Assalam Lubna…

    JazakAllahu Khairan for your words dear. May Allah help all of us face any trial with lot of patience and courage…

    Ameeen.. Ameen…

  26. Sadia Khan says:

    Dear Sister Shayistha,

    A month ago I heard about your website from one of my friend. Since then I have tried to visit to your website and read different articles which were really helpful for me to understand my duties, responsibilities towards Almighty Allah. I really like this site. May Allah reward you for this good deed.

    Today I read this aritcle about your sun Sahl Ozman and I can’t hold my tears back. Being a mother of two, I understand from my heart what you went through. May Allah reward you for your patience and bless you with many more.


  27. Walaiakum Assalam sister..

    May Allah bestow patience on all of us when we have to face any trial from Almighty Allah…Ameen..

  28. Mohammed Shanu Gazni says:

    Assalamu Alaikum…sister..

    By hearing your life will be a great encouragment for those who go through such a situation..great work by you sister..looking forward for more from you.May Allah(swt)bless u with more..and may Allah(SWT)reward you for your immense patience…May Allah(SWT)bless all muslim ummah…

    Keep all of us in your dua…

    Jazak Alllahu Khair

  29. Walaiakum ASsalam brother..

    May Allah bestow patience on all of us when we have to face any trial from Almighty Allah…Ameen..

  30. Umm Awwab says:

    Assalaamualaikum Sister

    very touching…………

    May Allah subhanutala give u n ur hubby lots of Patience n Grant u Righteous children. Aameen!!!!!!


  31. Walaiakum Assalam sister..


  32. "Innalilahi wa inna ilaihi Raajioon"

    Ya allaaaaH realy a heart felting incident sister. My eyes are still overflowing.
    I really appreciate yours & your family’s Patience & Courage. Insha allaaH may ALLAHu Rabbul Izzath shower all his blessing towards your family & grace you with a kid(s) who will light up the world with ISLAM. Really its an power inspiration for all Mothers
    ALLAHu Rabbul Izzath says in Holy Quran "Whoever has taqwa(fear) of Allah, He will give him a way out and provide for him from where he does not expect." (65:2-3)
    Insha allaaH you will get a good Kid to assist you in Da’wah & Islamic Teachings.
    Ya Rabbul AalameeN, Increase our ThaQwa & Patience in our life.And grace & guide us to live & Die as True Muslim & with the Shahadah.

    WassaLaaM with Lot of Duas
    Ur Brother in ISLAM

  33. FIROZ MAKANI says:

    Salam wa alaikum wa rehamatullahi wa barkatohu,may ALLAH give all the sabr,and enter SAHL in JANNAT.we will pray for ull.

  34. Walaiakum Assalm brother..


  35. saida banu says:

    Aswkm,subhanallah your story is a reminder for all of us to strengthen our emaan.may Allah swt grant you with the best of deen and duniya.Ameen Allahumma Ameen

  36. Walaiakaum Assalam..


  37. Assaalmualikum warahmatullah wabarakatu!
    o sister Shayistha! i didn’t read this before. innalillahi wa innilehi rajioon.
    i am so sad and happy for you. i always thought baby Ozman as one year old baby giggling in your arms, but i will now Inshallah imagine him laughing in heaven, talking with Allah (SWT),in company of prophet Ibrahim (A), mentioning you. one day you will be reunited with your son and we all be there and meet you and your son and your whole family together in a blessed place.
    Mashallah, i pray to ALLAh (SWT) to keep you steadfast and ward away shaytaan from near you.Ameen.
    you are my beautiful sister and i love you and baby Ozman for Allah’s sake.

  38. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Innalillahi wa Innilehi Rajioon. May Allah bless you and your family for your patience, courage, and in sharing your story. May Allah grant you with peace and extreme joy in your life and bless you with many many righteous children. May Allah reward you and your family for staying strong.

    Your sister,

  39. May Allah Subhana hu wa Taala give u courage and give u another kid . Same is the case happened with us but our kid died before birth.Inna Lillah e wa inna ilaihe rajioon.

  40. Assalamu alykum sister,

    i m really sorry, i havent notice this article before, so i asked about ur kid over phone…

    May Allah reward u immensely in exchange of this grief. and May Allah give u righteous kids in future ameen….


  41. As-salaamu alaikum, My Dear Sister Shayistha, God Blesses us when He introduces your history to each new person. I am grateful for this gift. I am encouraged by the knowledge of the wisdom and faith shown by both you and your husband. You truly understand and live the way that Allah has granted us as the straight path. You helped and continue to help other families with their struggles by sharing you experiences so selflessly with All. May Allah grant you both much peace. Amin, Ya Rabbal-‘alamin.

  42. Walaiakum Assalam sister Judiya.

    JazakAllahu Khairan for the comment. Ameen to all your dua’s.

    May Allah help us all be patient when we face any such trials from Allah.

  43. Laila Afreen says:

    As salaam sis,

    I clicked the name of u’r son out of curiosity, thinking i will find some pics of an adorable baby, and Mashallah! when i read the article, i could’nt stop myself from crying. When reading about it could touch me sooo much, I can very well imagin the pain of a mother who had to go through this! We r very lucky sister that Allah Swt has blessed us with Islam and a promise to be with our loved ones in Jannah for eternity! May Allah swt give u the best rewards for u’r sabr, Aameen!

  44. Walaikum Assalam dear

    True sister, we are blessed with such a beautiful religion Islam, through which we can lead our life happily and we have solutions to all our problems, Alhamdulillah.

  45. Asalaam Aleikum,
    sis, u really made me cry telling me abt ur sahl.i cant think abt such a situation.u really a gud slave of ALLAH ….MASHAALLAH…..MASHAALLAH … you sis for wat u are…….may ALLAH bless you and ur family always (ameen)…PLZ include me and my family in ur prayers

  46. Walaiakum Assalam sister Riham

    Allah clearly tells us in the Qur’an that He will not burden us more than what we can bear.

    May Allah gives us strength and patience to face any such trials from Allah. Ameen

  47. Asalaam u alaikum
    May Allah reward you and your family for facing such a trail with such patience and faith ameen

  48. Fazal Rahman says:

    assalaamu alikkum my brother and sister
    first of all sorry to firoz i havent read the contents inside this web site and i asked about the child
    i and sent this to my wife she’s also carrying this will be very helpfull to her.she’s also little afraid now a days.i am also very sad that i havent got a brother and sister like u.
    any way i am sure u and ur famly will be in jannathul firdouse.
    may allah give u smart child as soon as possible
    i ll pray for u and ur family
    assalaamu alikkum

  49. Yes sister Muslimah, i started this website after my delivery, alhamdulillah:)

    Do pray for us:)

  50. anonymous says:

    Assalamu alaykum Sis,
    May Allah grant you with the highest level of Jannat!!!!!
    And, Masha ‘Allah, sis you started it after goin through such situation. It’s like turnin you losses into gains, haan? 🙂
    May Allah accept your works as havin been done for His sake only.

    And, thanks sis for keep on encouragin us to share our thoughts, in each of your emails!!Jazakallahu khair for givin us an opportunity to do so 🙂
    love you for the sake of Allah!!
    Take care sis,

    Wassalamu alaykum warahmatullahi waBarakaatuhu sis Shayistha

  51. Walaiakum Assalam Anonymous

    JazakAllahu Khairan for the comment…

    Ameen to all your dua’s:)

    Continue participation:)

  52. anonymous says:

    Oh, yes, my sis in deeeeen,
    Will continue participatin, Insha ‘Allah 🙂
    Take care sis,
    Wassalamu alaykum,
    Yours sis in deen

  53. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Sister,thanks to give me your card that day. This is an amazing website.
    But, this story of your life relly made me cry like crazy!
    I could not even think for a second, that is that the girl whom i met in the "Prophet’s smile" class??? So lovely, so frendly, always smiling. I couldn’t think for a second that, Allah has given you such a Big test.
    Sister, i’ll pray for you always from now. Inshallah Allah is Rahmanir Rahim(so kind),and He will obviously give you a big reward for your patience.

    Inshallah, Amin.

  54. wafa kadri says:

    Assalam Alaikum sister,

    Just happened to read your experience yesterday and was so touched by your reaction. SubhanAllah it was truly touching and inspiring.May Allah reward you all for your patience n faith n hope in Allah.

    mashAllah it was really nice meeting you and was thinking that subhanAllah you were truly strong in your approach..i didn’t realize i had such a strong personality sitting next to me 🙂

    May Allah reward you for all that you went through and grant you jannat-ul-firdos..ameen

  55. Dear Sister,
    This story of your life really made me cry.
    May allah reward you and your family for your immense patience.


  56. Dr. Mohammad Kunhi says:

    Dear Sheji,
    Assalamu alaikum.
    I just could not control my emotions when I read through what you experienced. I could not stop tears rolling down my cheeks.
    I admire the way you faced it. I am really very proud of you and Firoz. I was cursing myself, why I did not read it before. You have set yourself the best example for all those who undergo similar experience. May Allah (swt) compensate for what you lost worldly by giving you many children. May He shower all his blessings on both of you for your patience and preseverance.

  57. Mohammed Sarfraz bin Mohammed Hasan says:

    Assalam alikum warahmathullahi wa-bharakathu.
    Dear Sister.
    Your story made my cry.
    In the name of Allah the most Gracious, most merciful.
    O’ Allah grand ur mercy to my sister and her family, o’Allah as u said u always b wd as-sabiroon…o allah bless my sister and family and admit them in to the paradise with highest position with the loved ur Sahl ozman O Allah i beg u..o Allah i beg u O allah…ur this servent my sister is doing a wonderful job for our islam plz Allah bless her and family in this world and in the hereafter.O allah..There is no god but u Allah, the Mighty, the Forbearing, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the mighty throne, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and the Lord of the throne of honor, o’ Allah with u we ask each and evrything and to you is our return.. Allah forgive all of us. allah grnad paradise to all of ur loved servents…."

    sister…no words to express anything..abt..ur job for the islam…wonderful sister wonderful…dnt worry sister Sahl Ozman u can find in us..we are with you alwys..plz..consider us as ur family…alhamdulillah.. alhamdulilah…today m very happy that i met my sister who love Allah and his Messenger S.a.s morethan anything else..Alhamdulillah… Plz do include us in ur prayers ..we too insha allah include u and ur family in our duwa always..
    may allah bless u alwys.

    Allahu Akbar.

    Asslam Alikum wa-rahmathullahi wa-bharakathu.

  58. assalamu alaykum sheji,
    dear i dnt hav any words to express…i jst wanted to say dat ma prayers are always der wit u and ur family…may allah bless u always sis


  59. May allah reward you for your patience and sabr in this world with jannah in the here after. Your story and your courageousness to take on the test of this life and left me thinking about how we really should be treating this dunya life, as a "temporary place" and work towards the here after. Thank you for sharing!

  60. Subhan Allah, Sister it was really touching n inspiring…i cant evn imagine wat sort of a situation u were in…knowing the end result n still bearing a child n enjoying evry moment n glorifying Allah swt..that really need lot of patience n faith. May Allah bless your husband alot 4 being a gr8 support n bless u both with pious children. Ur site z amazing n z improving everyday. Tel me u started this site after going thru this big trial. May Allah gv us patience like urs n yes may Allah reunite u both in jannah.

  61. aoa!May Allah grant all of our sisters and brothers such great patience,ameen.I know a woman who`d been pregnant for a few monts when the doctor told her that her child would be abnormal.The woman was in deep sorrow.My aunt then comforted her saying to be steadfast and to be greatful to Allah.
    The lady gave birth and the baby was perfectly normal, SubhanAllah!Allah only wants wants to test us to see who is on the straight path.Best of prayers,wsalam

  62. i hate to admit but i read this article just now, tears rolling my eyes, ur story has ignited my emaan again, may Allah[SWT] always bless you and brother firoz with the best in life and in hereafter.

  63. really touching words…May Allah reward u for ur patience…insha Allah

  64. Hassan K. Mohidin says:

    Assalam Alaikom Sister Shayistha,

    Every time I read this story and comments,my cheecks fill with tears and it increases my Eeman.

    Thank you and Allah S.W.T.reward you for your sabr(patience).

  65. alawiyah ahmad says:

    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah..
    Masya ALLAH, definitely Sahl is in Jannah, Insya ALLAH.
    Ya ALLAH please grant us all strength to be patient on your path, Insya ALLAH.
    Please gather us in Jannah Firadaus, Insya ALLAH.
    Please guide us to build home with your guidance from Al Quran and Sunnah…

    We seek forgiveness from you for our sins.
    We beg your pardon,

    Please accept our du’a ya Rabb…

    My dear my muslim sister…
    Insya ALLAH, Allah will reward you with the best reward insya ALLAH..


    Regards from me,

  66. Your blog is so informative ?keep up the good work!!!!

  67. Really enjoyed reading your articles!

  68. Hallo an alle
    Toller Blog, aber leider sehe ich nur die hälfte.Ist Euch das bekannt?
    Liegt das an meinem Safari?

    Grüße aus Mannheim

  69. Padachavan ningaleyum sahilinte koode swarghathil peduthumaarakatte…aameeen….

  70. Shaikh Mohammed zulfikhar says:

    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah..

    Inshallah sister…lot to learn from this.

  71. Asslamalikum
    Indeed you have send some one before you who will invoke Allah on the day of reseruction, and take youll along with him to jannah. Iam sure sister you know which hadis iam refering to.

  72. Mohammedali Basheer T.A. says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am from your native place, Kasaragod and a class mate of your beloved father Abdulla. Our children who die early in their childhood/youth will, Insha Allah pick our hand and lead us to Jannah.

    I lost my third son Luquman when he was 27 years old. His marriage was fixed and awaiting the bride when he died on December 29, 2003 in a road accident. He was working in merchant navy and was a source of income for my family. He loved each member of our family (especially sisters) very much. I recited the masnoon dua "Allahumma ajirnee fee museebathee, waqluflee qairan minha" as soon as I heard the sad news. This is the supplication taught to Ummu Salma by Prophet (peace be upon him) at the time of the death of her husband Abu Salma.

    May Allah (SWT) forgive him and unite us in Jannathul Firdouse. Ameen!

  73. Assalamualielum wrwb,
    This article and your experience gives you ability what Eemaan Tastes like.It is definitely something for what your eyes shed tears on reading and experiencing what Eaman and relation of a mumin or muninah is with Allah swt in every phase of life.May Allah reward you both and always help you both to undertake this important mission of Putting forward the tastes of Eamaan for ummah.




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