Apr 23, 2009

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Purpose of Life

  1. SubhanAllah..he is mentioning all day to day sins but how magnanimous and grave they are…
    Great reminder…We need to start acting fast and changing NOW before the angel of death reaches us..He is on his way..
    SubhanAllah..The only thing worth being SCARED about…Our end…Our meeting with Allah and Our afterlife…

  2. truly to Him we belong and to Him is our return, theres no doubt in it…………… subhanaAllah..walhamdulilla!!
    Glory be to Allah and all Praises is to Allah alone..

  3. Subhan Allah a very nice reminder for all of us..

  4. Subhanallah! a very nice video..

  5. subhaan Allah a great reminder, we should change before we regret on the doomsday standing infront of the whole world, standing before our LOrd, who warned us like mothers do and much more beautifully and passionately…we are wasting our time in worthless things that wont benefit us..

  6. arjuman says:

    subhanallah a very nice video.Ya Allah show us all the right path and help us follow it.Ameen.

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