Sep 5, 2009

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What to do if you have a bad dream or nightmare

Spit to your left (three times). (1)

Seek refuge in Allah from the Devil and from the evil of what you have seen (three times). (2)

Do not speak about it to anyone. (3)

Turn over on your other side. (4)

1 Muslim 4/1 772.
2 Muslim 4/1 772, 3.
3 Muslim 4/1772.
4 Muslim 4/1773.

Get up and pray if you desire to do so.

Reference: Muslim 4/1773.

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  1. MashaAllah.. all points backed by authentic hadith 🙂

  2. very beneficial , shukrn. masha Allah

  3. arjuman khan says:


  4. Once Khalid ibn Waleed, one of the veteran companions of the Prophet (SAW) told the Prophet about a terrific dream he saw. He said that the dream is still haunting him. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said if you had recited the words "Audu bi klimatillahi tammati min galabihi wa aleemi iqabihi wa sharri ibadihi wa min hamazati shayateen" as soon as you saw the bad dream the thought of the dream would not have affected you. After some days Khalid (RA) again saw another terrific dream and he recited the above dua and immediately he was free from the thought of the dream. He came to the Prophet (SAW) and told about his dream and said that he recited the dua tought by the Prophet as soon as he saw the dream and that the terrific dream did not linger in his mind.

  5. JazakALlahu Khairan brother Basheer for sharing the information with us.

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