Nov 3, 2009

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  • 2011/01/11: “Stop looking down upon others -Allah might forgive them their ignorance, but might not forgive you your arrogance.” – Sh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/09/10:”O Allah! Show us the truth as truth so that we may follow it, and show us falsehood as falsehood, so that we may abstain from it.” Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/06/17: “At work, you must not forget about your soul. At the Masjid, you must not forget about your family. At home, you must not forget about your Lord.”

  • 2010/06/14: What hurts is not the criticism of our enemies, but rather the silence of our friends. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/04/21: “If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then You have an EGO problem.” Br. Nouman Ali Khan

  • 2010/04/20: Sheikh YasirQadhi: The more a Muslim thinks of death, the better he acts in life.

  • 2010/03/05: Erasers are for people willing to correct their mistakes. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/03/04: He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/03/03: A winner listens; a loser just waits untill it is his turn to talk.- Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/03/02: A hopeless person feels difficulty in every chance, but A hopeful person feels a chance in every difficulty. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/03/01: When you are up in life, your friends get to know who you are. But when you are down in life, you get to know who your friends are . Dr. Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/02/28: If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow you have no today to be thankful for.

  • 2010/02/27: We take for granted the things that we should be giving thanks for.

  • 2010/02/26: When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. – Shakyh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/02/25: Sincerity means to hide your good deeds the same way you are keen to hide your defects and shortcomings. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/02/24: O Allah! help me to get busy with what You have created me for and not to get busy with what You have created for me. Ameen. Dr. Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/02/23: Those who criticize the most typically end up solving the least – Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

  • 2010/02/21: “Whoever claims to be smart, but does not concentrate on the Hereafter, is lying.” – Wahb ibn Munabbih

  • 2010/02/20: The more heavier the burdens placed on you by Allah become, the more strength He shall give you to carry them. – Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/02/19: He who enters the grave without provision (good deeds), has, as if, started swimming across the ocean without a vessel. – Abu Bakr (RadhiAllaahu’anhu)

  • 2010/02/18: The best life that we have experienced, is that of patience, and if patience were a man, he would be most generous’ – Umar RadiAllahu Anhu

  • 2010/02/17: As long as you are performing prayer, you are knocking at the door of Allah, and whoever is knocking at the door of Allah, Allah will open it for him.(Ibn al qayyim RadiAllahu Anhu)

  • 2010/02/16: Take counsel even of an enemy, if he is wise: follow not the advice of an ignorant friend. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/02/15: The tongue pierces faster, deeper and sharper than any sword can: think carefully before using such a weapon. – Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/02/14: ‘Patience is a treasure from the treasures of goodness, a treasure that Allah does not give away except to a slave (of His) whom He regards as being worthy’ – Al Hasan

  • 2010/02/13: Do not love your children so that they will love you back, but love your children so that they will love their children.

  • 2010/02/11: The wisest is he who does not disdain the advice of others. – Dr. Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/02/10: Forgiveness is how we fully recover from an injury someone else inflicts upon us- YasirQadhi

  • 2010/02/09: Not everything that a person wishes for, does he attain. The winds only blow in ways that ships do not desire.

  • 2010/02/08: One who perseveres patiently will not be without success even if it takes a long time. – Ali [RadiAllahu anhu]

  • 2010/02/07: Whenever someone asks you, “Do you love Allah?” Remain silent, because if you say no, then you are a disbeliever. If you say yes, then your actions contradict your words.- Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad (Radi Allahu Anhu)

  • 2010/02/06: The real prisoner is someone whose heart is imprisoned from his Lord; the true captive is someone captured by his passions.- Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahuAllah)

  • 2010/02/05: Know that it is with ilm (knowledge) that you must speak, and that it is with Hilm (forbearance) that you must remain silent.- Umar – RadhiAllahu anhu

  • 2010/02/04: People are all the same in health and ease, but when hardship befalls them, true distinction is shown. – Hasan Al-Basri

  • 2010/02/03: Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety; after all, it is only in the darkest nights that the stars shine more brilliantly. [Ali radi Allah anhu]

  • 2010/02/02: Every arrow does not hit the target, nor is every prayer granted. Don’t lose hope and keep trying. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/02/01: “All your suffering comes from desiring things that cannot be had. Stop desiring and you won’t suffer.” – Rumi

  • 2010/01/31: Some of the people of al-Madinah once said,“If it was not for the calamities of this life, we would be bankrupt of rewards on the Day of Resurrection.”

  • 2010/01/30: Deeds without sincerity are like a traveler who carries in his water-jug dirt. The carrying of it burdens him and it brings no benefit.[Ibn al Qayyim]

  • 2010/01/29: “Renew your hearts with the remembrance of Allâh because it rushes into forgetfulness.” – Yahyâ ibn Mu‘âdh (Rahimahullâh)

  • 2010/01/28: “The keys to the life of the heart, lie in reflecting upon the Qur‘aan , being humble before Allaah in secret, and leaving sins.” Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah rahimahullah

  • 2010/01/27: You can’t do everything at a time, but you can do something at a time – in fact, that’s the only way to get things done! – Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/26: Remember!!! Every breath you take is a step closer to death. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/01/25: Worship and knowledge while eating haraam is like construction on dung.–Imam Al Ghazali

  • 2010/01/24: Those who criticize the most, typically end up solving the least. – Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/23: Fear God and you will have no cause to fear anyone.- Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/01/22: To fight against one’s desires is the greatest of all fights.- Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/01/21: Generosity hides shortcomings.

  • 2010/01/20: A Muslim is progressive, keeps up with the demands of modern society and practices Islam beyond rituals or form.

  • 2010/01/19: Youth have a tendency to see the world in black and white. It takes age and knowledge to appreciate the colors of the world.- Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/18: One who thinks and reflects develops his foresight and Vision. -’Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)

  • 2010/01/17: Anger begins with madness and ends with regret.– Ali RA

  • 2010/01/16: Do not be too hard, lest you be broken; do not be too soft, lest you be squeezed. – Dr.Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/01/15: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Dr. Reda Bedair

  • 2010/01/14: ‘Living in the way of God is more difficult than dying in His way’ – Ibn Baaz

  • 2010/01/13: ‘I fear God the most, but after Him, I fear those who don’t fear Him’ – Saadi.

  • 2010/01/12: Smiling and silence are two powerful tools. Smiling is the way to solve many problems and Silence is the way to avoid many problems.

  • 2010/01/11: Challenges of life are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.

  • 2010/01/10: “The world is a vehicle for you. If you drive it, it will deliver you to your destination. If it drives you, you will be destroyed.” – Al Hasan al-Basri (rahimahuAllah)

  • 2010/01/09: A believer catches his intention changing forty times a day, but a hypocrite remains on the same intention for forty years. – Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/08: Desires are never fully satisfied: if you are not content with the halal, no amount of haram will fill you up. – Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/07: The Muslim is able to smile in the most difficult of times, be optimistic in the darkest of times, and learn from the worst of times.- Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/06: You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. – Dr. Reda Bedair

  • 2010/01/05: If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude. – Dr. Reda Bedeir

  • 2010/01/04: Our primary duty in life is to remove ignorance from ourselves and remove ignorance from others.

  • 2010/01/03: The success of any endeavor is dependent on the strength of one’s determination; be determined in all that you want, and you shall succeed. – Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/02: The habit of the righteous is true worship, whereas the worship of the lazy is mere habit. – Yasir Qadhi

  • 2010/01/01: If you want to stand out, don’t be different; Be outstanding.

  • 2009/12/31: The wound of words is worse than the wound of swords.

  • 2009/12/30: When you willingly give up your own happiness for someone else, that is the sign of true love. – Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2009/12/29: Age wrinkles the body, but disobeying Allah wrinkles the soul. – Shaikh Yasir Qadhi.

  • 2009/12/28: Do not fix hopes on your health, and do not laugh away life. Remember how they walked and now their joints lie separately and the tongue with which they talked is eaten away by the worms [Imam Ghazali].

  • 2009/12/27: Studying is bitter, but remaining ignorant is infinitely more bitter. – Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

  • 2009/12/26: Niether happiness nor grief are everlasting in this life – but one of the two is everlasting in the next. Which one do you want?

  • 2009/12/25: The beauty of our religion is that the reward is dependent on the sincerity of trying, and not in the attainment of the result.

  • 2009/12/24: One of the bitterest ironies of life is that one truly appreciates a blessing only after having been deprived of it.

  • 2009/12/23: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

  • 2009/12/22: “The best season to a believer is the winter, its nights are long for those who wish to pray, and its days are short for those who wish to fast” Al Hasan Al Basri.

  • 2009/12/21: “The most naïve thing in my eyes is to linger in sin – with no regrets – hoping for a far off pardon and to come closer to Allah without doing anything and to wait for the harvest of Jannah while planting the seeds of hellfire – waiting for reward without performing any deeds.” – Yahya ibn Mu’adh (rahimahullah)

  • 2009/12/20: Cease to sin, because you will not meet Allah with anything [as valuable] as few sins.- A’isha (radiAllahu anha)

  • 2009/12/19: You won’t smell success until you take shaitan down.

  • 2009/12/18: Assess each moment of life by evaluating how close you have come to Allah Subhaan’u wa Ta’ala, how far you have distanced yourself from Shaitan, how close you have come to Jannah and how far you have moved away from Jahannum.

  • 2009/12/17: Why is it that we find it so easy to overlook and ignore the virtues of others and concentrate on their faults? – Yasir Qadhi

  • 2009/12/16: Knowledge is better than money: knowledge protects you, while you must protect your money.

  • 2009/12/15: The true wise man is he who is humble enough to learn from the wisdom of others, & then realizes that every person has some wisdom to offer.

  • 2009/12/14: A calamity that makes you turn to Allah is better for you than a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah. –Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah

  • 2009/12/13: It is not arrogance to appreciate what Allah has blessed you with; arrogance is to ascribe those blessings to you – Shaikh Yasir Qadhi.

  • 2009/12/12: “I never argued with anyone with the intention to win; rather, my intention was to seek the truth” – Imam al-Shafi.

  • 2009/12/11: Even if he disappionts His Lord and even if he falls short of the standards He set for him, the true muttaq (pious person) never loses hope in Allah.

  • 2009/12/10: Salah is a unique form of creating a Muslim identity; carry your badge wherever you go.

  • 2009/12/09: Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

  • 2009/12/08: Usually, a little kindness and simple manners will get you far more, than a lot of rhetoric and fancy debates.

  • 2009/12/07: When asked why he didn’t criticize others, a scholar replied: There is so much I want to criticize of myself, why concentrate on others?

  • 2009/12/06: What if the Angel of Death was to come to you now??

  • 2009/12/05: The tongue is but a small, soft flesh. Yet is it capable of breaking the strongest bonds and destroying the most powerful of relationships.

  • 2009/12/04: Jealously eats up the good deeds like a fire in the woods eats up the trees and branches.

  • 2009/12/03: Plan and envision your future. If we fail to plan, we are planning to fail. – Tawfique Choudhary

  • 2009/12/02: A sign of true repentance from a past sin is that remembering the sin only brings pangs of remorse, and not memories of pleasure.

  • 2009/12/01: The beginning of knowledge is the intention, then listening, then understanding, then action, then preservation, and then spreading it. — Ibn al-Mubarak

  • 2009/11/30: Practice what you have learned, for theory without practice is like a spirit without a body. One who is content with learning alone is not learned, for the truly learned seek more than words. [Al Hujwiri].

  • 2009/11/29: “The key to sincerity is Qiyaamul-Layl, because only the sincere wake and stand when others are lying asleep.” [Imam al-Haddad]

  • 2009/11/28: Start a business of worshiping Allah, and all types of profits shall come to you without the need of investing any capital – Malik b. Dinar.

  • 2009/11/27: It takes a lot of courage to forgive someone…but it takes an even bigger courage to ask for forgiveness.

  • 2009/11/26: If only we prayed to Allah at times of ease with the same humility and earnestness we show Him at times of distress!

  • 2009/11/25: Allah does not judge you on how bad you have been in the past, but rather on how good you strive to be now.

  • 2009/11/24: “I am amazed at the people who take care of themselves by eating food out of fear of dying, yet do not protect themselves from sins out of fear of the Fire”.

  • 2009/11/23: Helping others in need is the simplest way to guarantee that Allah will help you at your own time of need.

  • 2009/11/22: Emaan is to believe, even when an overpowering tide of evil surrounds you. –Imam Anwar al-Alaki.

  • 2009/11/21: The most precious Divine blessings are almost always the most unappreciated: faith, health, and family.

  • 2009/11/20: Those amongst us with the most sins are those who spend their time talking about the sins of others.

  • 2009/11/19: Never say “I don’t have time to do this” because what you really mean is “I don’t care enough about ‘this’ to make time for it”.

  • 2009/11/18: A true servant of God cannot feel jealous – he is content with what God has chosen for Him, and for others.

  • 2009/11/17: A learned man who doesn’t restrain his passions is like a blind man holding a torch; he guides others but not himself. – Shaykh Sa’di

  • 2009/11/16: The more you ask others, the more despised you become; the more you ask Allah, the more beloved you become.

  • 2009/11/15: Imaan begins with disobedience, for in order to obey Allah, one must disobey all else.

  • 2009/11/14: Let Allah be the Ruler over your heart, not the dunya (world).

  • 2009/11/13: Those who fail to prepare, are preparing to fail.

  • 2009/11/12: Everyone who is taken by death asks for more time, while everyone who still has time makes excuses for procrastination.

  • 2009/11/11: I see that some people are content with the least of the deen, but I do not see them pleased with meagerness in this life.

  • 2009/11/10: The Orphan is not he who has lost his father, an orphan is he who lacks knowledge and adab (manners).

  • 2009/11/09: O Allah! How can I ask you for any favours knowing how disobedient I am, but how can I not ask you for anything knowing how Generous You are?

  • 2009/11/08: Passing days are like dreams. The coming ones are wishes, and the time separating them is wasted.— Ibn al-Qayyim.

  • 2009/11/07: I believe in Islam like I believe in the sun rising, not just because I can see it, but because, by it, I see everything.

  • 2009/11/06: Come work for Islam. The work is hard, the hours are long, and the pay is low. But the retirement benefits are out of this world.

  • 2009/11/05: Reputation is what men and women think of us; Character is what God and Angels know of us.

  • 2009/11/04: The sincere person is the one who hides his good deeds just like he hides his evil deeds.

  • 2009/11/03: A sign that your salaah is accepted is that it stops you from doing something wrong.

  • 2009/11/02: Fight your tongue. The tongue is quick to kill a man.

  • 2009/11/01: If you are not of the righteous, then at least do which the righteous do, and you’ll become one of them.

  • 2009/10/31: Learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid being one whose mistakes are used as lessons by others.

  • 2009/10/30: It’s not if Music and TV is Halaal or Haraam. Think how close or far it can get you with Allah.

  • 2009/10/29: The best thing we can spend our money on is something that will save us from the hellfire.

  • 2009/10/28: The spiritual peace that one feels in the masjid is but one of the many blessings of visiting the House of Allah.

  • 2009/10/27: Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right.

  • 2009/10/26: Every man dies, but not every man truly lives

  • 2009/10/25: Get used to a rough life, for luxury does not last forever.- Umar ibn al-Khattab (radiAllahu anhu)

  • 2009/10/24: The World is three days: As for yesterday, it has vanished, along with all that was in it. As for tomorrow, you may never see it. As for today, it is yours, so make the best of it. -Hassan al-Basri

  • 2009/10/23: Forgive others their sins if we want Allah to forgive our sins.

  • 2009/10/22: Remember as we wash our limbs so many times a day, that it is even more important to purify our hearts as well.

  • 2009/10/21: Prolonging our sajda (prostration) while praying is one of the best ways to increase Iman and feel the sweetness of salat (prayer) – try it!   

  • 2009/10/20: All humans are dead except those who have knowledge; and all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds; and those who do good deeds are deceived, except those who are sincere; and those who are sincere are always in a state of worry. – Imam Shafi (Rahimullah)

  • 2009/10/19: Truthfulness is composed of justice and courage.

  • 2009/10/18: When we want to mention our companion’s faults, remember our own faults.

  • 2009/10/17: Be steadfast in our deen (religion) because when we get closer to Allah, the tests will begin. The deeper the faith the harder the tests will be.

  • 2009/10/16: Imam Bukhari (rahimullah) was so pious that he could truthfully say “I have never told a lie”

  • 2009/10/15: All we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given.

  • 2009/10/14: He who wishes that people always remember him with goodness is neither God-fearing nor sincere.

  • 2009/10/13: Do not sit idle, for indeed death is seeking you- Hasan al-Basri

  • 2009/10/12: People count with self-satisfaction the number of times they have recited the name of God on their prayer beads, but they keep no beads for reckoning the number of idle words they speak. – Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

  • 2009/10/11: Allah places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.

  • 2009/10/10: Knowledge is of two kinds: that which is absorbed and that which is heard. And that which is heard does not profit if it is not absorbed. – Ali ibn abi Talib (radiAllah anhu)

  • 2009/10/09: Tawakkul: Make Du’a, Do our best, And leave the Rest To Allah.

  • 2009/10/08: Do not sit idle, for indeed death is seeking you- Hasan al-Basri

  • 2009/10/07: Why do we seek more knowledge when we pay no heed to what we already know?

  • 2009/10/06: If we make dhikr we won’t become stressed, If we are getting stressed we are not doing enough dhikr.

  • 2009/10/05: Whoever desires to purify his heart, then let him prefer Allah to his desires- Ibn al-Qayyim

  • 2009/10/04: Shaitan is always looking for an opening to get us. Drive him away with Dhikr.

  • 2009/10/03: Seven days without prayers makes one WEAK.

  • 2009/10/02: Say the truth even if it may be bitter.

  • 2009/10/01: To admonish our brother in private is to advise him and improve him. But to admonish him publicly is to disgrace and shame him.

  • 2009/09/30: To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.

  • 2009/09/29: Our own soul is nourished when we are kind; it is destroyed when we are cruel.

  • 2009/09/28: Do not do good deeds so that people mention you. The true believer hides his good deeds just as he hides his sins

  • 2009/09/27: We  can’t do anything about the length of our life, but we can do something about its width and depth.

  • 2009/09/26: Stinginess has nothing to do with how much money you have, Neither does generosity. It’s about how much heart you’ve got.

  • 2009/09/25: Constantly thinking about someone is a sign of true love – so how often do those who claim to love Allah remember Him?

  • 2009/09/24: A son will never appreciate how much his parents have sacrificed for him, and how ungrateful he was, until he experiences parenthood himself

  • 2009/09/23: Sins slowly suffocate the heart, and abandoning sins brings life to the heart.

  • 2009/09/22: Choose everlasting joy over temporary enjoyment.

  • 2009/09/21: Your souls are precious, and can only be equal to the price of Paradise. Therefore, sell them only at that price.— Ali ibn AbiTalib

  • 2009/09/20: May Allah have Mercy on the man who shows me my faults.— ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab

  • 2009/09/19: What hand do we think we will get our book, on the Day of Judgment?

  • 2009/09/18: There is sunrise after a whole night of darkness.

  • 2009/09/17: When we know first-hand that any pleasure a sin gives me will be followed by deep regret and disgust, why is it that we continue to sin?

  • 2009/09/16: By our misguided love for the physical Book (Qur’an), we have made it “untouchable”.

  • 2009/09/15: Try reversing matters: start seeing the good in others, and concentrate on the faults in us. We’ll be a better person for it!

  • 2009/09/14: Only that which is done for Allah lasts forever.

  • 2009/09/13: “We are nothing but a number of days, when a day passes then a part of us has gone.” Hassan al-Basri

  • 2009/09/12: “Of the signs that Allah has turned away from a person is that he becomes occupied with that which does not concern him.” Hassan al-Basri

  • 2009/09/11: Is it not amazing how numerous and frequent are our sins and yet still Allah continues to overlook and shower His Mercy and Bounty on us?

  • 2009/09/10: If we ever find ourself rushing through salat (prayer) to make it to another engagement, it’s time to reorganize our priorities.

  • 2009/09/09: No it’s not feasting, it’s fasting

  • 2009/09/08: “How frail is man! If only he feared Hell as much as he feared poverty, he would surely enter Paradise!”

  • 2009/09/07: As true love of Allah increases, yearning for worldly pleasures decreases.

  • 2009/09/06:”Knowledge is not measured by how much is memorized, but rather by how much it is acted on.” Imam al-Shafi`i (d. 204)

  • 2009/09/05: “Indeed, a person forgets knowledge that he had learned because of a sin that he performs.” Ibn Masud

  • 2009/09/04: “What is this world but a dream that a sleeper sees – he delights in it for a few moments, and then wakes up to face reality” Hasan Basri

  • 2009/09/03: Estimate how many lines of blogs, internet, twitter and news have we read today, and then compare that with how many lines of Quran recited.

  • 2009/09/02: No human is perfect; we all have our hidden sins. Hypocrisy is to delude our self into denying our own sins and allow arrogance to grow within us.

  • 2009/09/01: Stand up for what is right, even if you’re standing alone!!

  • 2009/08/31: We don’t have to be great to start but we have to start to be great. [Start now, not tomorrow]

  • 2009/08/30: The only thing we can’t recycle is wasted time

  • 2009/08/29: If we don’t try to wake up for Fajr, there is really no benefit in us waking up at all.

  • 2009/08/28: Wahb ibn Munabbih (d. 110) said, “Whoever claims to be smart, but does not concentrate on the Hereafter, is lying.”

  • 2009/08/27: “Whoever does not find happiness in the dhikr of Allah, prayer, and reciting the Quran, will not find it anywhere else” -Hasan Basri

  • 2009/08/26: Do not ask Allah to guide our footsteps, if we are not willing to move our feet.

  • 2009/08/25: We will take NOTHING with us to our grave, except our good deeds purely done for the sake of Allah.

  • 2009/08/24: “Don’t let the day of fasting be the same as the day you don’t fast.”

  • 2009/08/23: Do we have to see someone dying in order for us to come closer to Allah?

  • 2009/08/22: What have we prepared for the Akhirah (HereAfter)?

  • 2009/08/21: Remember DEATH for it is the beginning and NOT the end.

  • 2009/08/20: Work for the Akhira (Hereafter) as if you will die tomorrow and work for the Dunya (the present world) as if you will live forever.  That’s deep, Subhan Allah.

  • 2009/08/19: Revelation stopped coming to the prophet (sallahu alehi wassalam) for two weeks because he forgot to say “InshAllah”

  • 2009/09/18: Jannah is Expensive, what PRICE are we willing to pay?
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    All these gems are collected in the same page (GEMS ARCHIVE).

  15. JazakiAllah khair sis for sending such beautiful, inspiring, short and simpl but having deep effect on hearts……i love your Gems and i copy them and daily send them to my friends via text messeges…and most of them really appreciated them and asked not to stop sending them daily. May Allah help you more to find more of such profound Gems.
    Check out sheik yasir qadhi’s facebook status daily he also writes inspiring gems

  16. Assalaamu Alaikum Mini,
    BarakAllahu feekum JazakAllahu khairan for spreading the gems..may Allah make it a means for us to ponder, reflect and implement the deen better..and Ameen to your duaas

  17. Raseena Ashraf says:

    Masha Allah! jazakillahu khairan for these beautiful pearls of wisdom. It really keeps you thinking…May Allah guide all of us in the straight path till our end in this world and pour His mercy on us on the Day of Judgement…Ameen

  18. Masha Allah πŸ™‚
    BarakAllahu feekum; Ameen to your du’aas, sister Raseena πŸ™‚

  19. asalam ualaikumw wrwb mashallah i love the nice quotes and all the articles
    may ALLAH bless ur efforts
    may ALLAH make us among the best of guides to islam

  20. Shahida Abdulla says:

    Falling with Allah is the greatest romance.Searching Him is the greatest adventure.Finding Him is the greatest achieivement and being with Him is the greatest happiness.SUBHANAALLAH!!!!!!

  21. Jazak Allah.sister GEMS are really very motivating i achieved so far a lot knowledge by going throught the articals as well as hadith from "Are we prepared."Keep it up.
    Subhaan allah.!

  22. Firdows Fatimah says:

    salaam di..i ve sum beautiful article..if u ve already posted,den leave it..:)
    "Life means subission to Allah.Life without submission to Allah is an embarrasement"–Sheikh Saadi
    "Today is work and no accounting.Tomorrow is accounting and no work"–Ali (RA)
    Iman is like a diamond that needs to be polished to view the shine

  23. JazakAllahu Khairan dear.. will definitely post them…

  24. Firdows Fatimah says:

    here der r sum more!!
    "When knowledge is limited, it leads to folly but when knowledge exceeds a certain limit it leads to exploitation" –Abu Bakr (RA)

    "Run away from greatness and greatness will follow you" –Abu Bakr (RA)

  25. Tariq nawaz says:

    Jazakllah.Very nice post.

  26. As Slm Wkm..
    I really appreciate for the Posting.
    But We can only do this Aamal when we have the Yakheen on it…
    Allahu Akbar..

  27. Assalamu aleikum dear sister,
    Jazakillah khair katheeran!These Gems really help me to correct & improve myself.May it be a sadaqa Jaariyah for you!Aameen!However I have a small request..when I share this with others, I would like to mention the source,specially the quotes by the sahabas.It will be great if you could mention the source.
    May Allah help you to continue this noble work!Aameen!!!

  28. walaiakum Assalam Umm Neda

    The Gems which do not have the reference are the ones I myself don’t know. I might have got it from classes I attended, articles, etc.

  29. Nadia Saher says:

    Modest Behavior According to Qur’an and Hadith

    In the Holy Qur’an, God says: β€œO children of Adam, We have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteousness. These are some of God’s signs, that they may take heed.” (Al-A`raf 7:26)

  30. Mohd Javeed says:

    As salam Mulikum Sisiter,

    JazakAllaah kahirn Allaah will give you Jaza for this InsAllaaah.

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