Jan 14, 2010

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iPOET’s Quranic Moment!

As my tender soft butter eyes glance at the Glorious book, my rose like heart sparkles up in anticipation. My inner Soul shakes in fear and hope as I pick up the greatest book of all time. Quranic sensation runs down my petals and melts them one by one as I open the beautiful reminder to mankind. I witness a world full of extreme power and light. Light bounces in my heart, soul enraptured. As I go to read the Quran, each letter melts my soul, mind and heart. My mind feeling a spiritual buzz. Heart locked to each amazing letter of the Quran. Locked as a blessed prisoner, craving to taste the sweetness of wisdom. The word of God, which no soul can ever match. Quranic moment to the fullest potential. My tender soft butter eyes water up with tears.

Tears become droplets, tears become puddles and then become an ocean as I ponder upon these emotional words:

Say: “The Angel of Death, put in charge of you, will (duly) take your souls: then shall you be brought back to your Lord. (32:11)

Watery tears as deep as an ocean flow down my innocent face and dry on my lips. As my heart locks on the pages of the Quran. Balanced between hope, by Allah’s mercy. And between fear, by Allah’s wrath. The Quranic wisdom takes me on an unforgettable journey through the Islamic history, to life’s mystery. Full of knowledge to the depths of the root.In the quitness of my vivid thoughts burning the current’s path into a deeper frame of emotion.Patient tears flowed up on an endless crevice. Allah counts my tears, one by one.The Holy Quran is True Beauty with imagination of radiant light which illumines the deeper depths of my soul.Conveying a revolutionary message which transforms my soul towards Jannah. As I go to close the Quran, my heart feels regret, like a loved one gone. A liked one on. On infinite friendship. Strong attachment stays within. iPOET and Quran.A beautiful couple and garment to one another. Closeness like no other. The Quran will be my witness of the Day Of Judgement.

When is your Quranic Moment O Dear Friend?

Do You Cry When YOU Read The Powerful Message?

Who’s Words are the Quran?

How often is our Quranic Moment?

Will the Quran be your witness on the Day Of Judgement?

For or Against?

The Words of Allah live on forever. Ink dried, pen lifted. Blessed and stay untouched!

Written by a Stranger.


  1. I truly love this one..mashaALLAH

  2. Nisha Fakrudeen says:

    Ya Allah…lead me through the Holy Quran..

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