Mar 10, 2010

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Islam and Ego- Br Nouman Ali Khan


  1. Subhan Allah.. this video is just amazing. May Allah bless brother Nouman for giving us such an eye opening video! Ameen

  2. Assalamu alyekum my dear sis!! 🙂
    SubhaanAllah! a wonderful reminder.

    JaakiAllah khair for the nice post, MashaAllah.. A lot to learn and practice on, InshaAllah! 🙂

    May Allah protect us from such diseases of our heart.

  3. simply beautiful..subhan allah

  4. Assalamu Aliakum my dearest sister Shayistha,
    jazakiAllah khair for sharing this amazaing lecture, i learned a lot from it. we have to protect ourselves from the traps of shaitan, he traps us in ways we can’t even imagine. this ego thing really do come and aggravates in many religious communities unintentionally, that egotistical state strikingly contributes to make the reputation more corrupt in dangerous manner even though it may not be so apparent; the whole stereotyping begins from there…
    May Allah protect us from all such diseases of the heart.

  5. walaiakum Assalam sister Muslimah:)

    sister, what you mentioned is very true.

    May Allah protect us. Ameen…

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