Jun 17, 2010

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The Exclusive Characteristics of the Prophet (SAW)-1

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3e. The Exclusive Characteristics

The Prophet (SAW) being the best of mankind and the seal to Prophethood, was given exclusive and particular characteristics that were not given to anyone before or after him. This topic is divided into two main categories:

  1. That which is exclusive in legislation
  2. That which is exclusive in virtue and preference.

3f.1. That which distinguishes him from the rest of the Prophets, with regards to this World

  1. The greatest revelation: The Qur’an
  2. The Seal of the Prophets.
  3. The earth was made pure for him and a place of prayer.
  4. The taking of the spoils of war.
  5. Sent to both mankind and jinn.
  6. Lead all the Prophets in prayer in Jerusalem (Isra Al Miraj)
  7. That which is between his house and his grace is a garden from the gardens of Paradise.
  8. His city (Medina) would never me affected by plague.
  9. Prayer in his masjid is multiplied one thousand fold.
  10. The book revealed to him will be preserved from error and distortion.
  11. The day of Jum’ah. The day of gathering was only for our Prophet (SAW).
  12. The last two verses of Surah al Baqarah. These ayahs were exclusive for Prophet (SAW). We will not be held accountable for our inner intentions.
  13. Allah swore by his life.  “Verily, by your life (O Muhammad SAW), in their wild intoxication, they were wandering blindly.” (15:72)
  14. His followers are obligated to send Salah and Salam upon Him.
  15. The splitting of the moon.
  16. The description of al Dajjal

3f.2. That which distinguishes Him from the rest of the Prophets, with regards to the Afterlife.

  1. He will be the first to be resurrected.
  2. He will be the first to enter Paradise.
  3. He will be granted al-Maqam – al Mahmud. It is a place Allah has prepared. The place Prophet (SAW) will prostrate after which the Day of Judgment will begin.
  4. He will be the first to intercede.
  5. He will be granted Al Kawthar. The greatest pond in Paradise.
  6. He will be granted al Wasilah. The loftiest place in Paradise.
  7. he will have the largest congregation.
  8. He will be able to partially intercede for a non-Muslim.

3f.3. That which distinguishes him from his Ummah

  1. He was granted the permission to continually fast.
  2. He was allowed to marry more than four wives.
  3. When he sleeps, it is only his body and not his mind and heart that sleeps.
  4. Lying upon him is far more severe than lying upon others.
  5. It is an obligation to love him.
  6. His qarin (satan) accepted Islam.
  7. Our salam reaches him where ever we maybe.
  8. Satan cannot imitate him.
  9. He was able to hear that which others were not.
  10. The earth will not devour his body.
  11. His perspiration was fragrant.
  12. He is buried where he died.
  13. He is exalted; belittling him is disbelief.
  14. His wealth is not inherited.
  15. He was obliged to pray the night prayer.
  16. His wives could not remarry after his death.
  17. During his life, it was permissible to seek blessing through him.

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