Jun 23, 2010

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Refuting Doubts About the Prophet (SAW) -Doubt # 3

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Doubt #3: Why was the Prophet of Mercy in so many wars?

In order to truly comprehend this, we must firstly understand that one cannot be held accountable for being attacked. That is just how empires and tribes expanded.

Secondly, we must acknowledge the history of war in Islam and its stages of revelation:

  1. Muslims are prevented from fighting. During the first thirteen years of Prophethood, Muslims are ordered to be patient and asbtain from retaliation, no matter how bad the persecution gets.
  2. Muslims are allowed to defend themselves. This stage begins with the migration to Madinah.
  3. Muslims are now allowed to attack those that attack them. After years of persecution in Makkah, the Muslims are now allowed to attack those who wage war against them. This is what led to the battles of Badr and Uhud.
  4. With the establishment of the Muslim state, the Muslims are now commanded to propagate and preach Islam and spread Justice. Tribes and empires are first asked to
    • accept Islam
    • if they refuse, they can pay jizyah ( a nominal tax), while keeping their society and religion intact.
    • If they still refuse to accept propagation of justice, they are then taken to wat, within civil terms (cannot attack women and children)
  5. It is worth mentioning here that these stages did not supersede each other, because each stage had its own conditions, circumstances and justifications concerning the balance of power and weakness, the change of the position of the enemy in war and peace, the kind of disbelievers, as well as other factors.

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