Mar 7, 2011

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Part 5 (a): Tafseer of Ayatul Kursi (Verse 2)- The Divine Protection

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الْحَيُّ الْقَيُّومُ

“Al Hayyul Qayyum (There are two of Allahs names which comprose the perfection of Attributes and Actions)”

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Al- Hayy

  • Meaning: The One who Possesses the Perfect living.
  • He was not created, does not have a beginning, and He does not die.
  • His Hearing, Sight, Sayings and Actions are all perfect from every angle.
  • “And put your trust and reliance upon the One who is Ever Living, Who des not die.” (Al Furqan:58)
  • “Everything will perish save His Face.” (Al Qasas: 88)

Al- Qayyum

  • From al Qiyam. This name came in a form of intensiveness.
  • It means the One who is established on His Own, Self Subsisting, by whom all things subsist.
  • He is the Ultimate Caretaker who is taking care of everything with His creation, protection and provision.
  • He is absolutely free of any need from His Creation.
  • He does not need any supporter, helper, deputy or an advisor.

How do we reconcile between this meaning and what He said in His Book: “O you who believe! If you help Allah, He will help you.” (Muhammad: 7)

The Answer: If you support His religion, He will surely help you.

Support Allah means supporting the deen of Allah. Allah is able to make the deen victorious without our help.

The next part 5 (c): Tafseer of Ayatul Kursi (Verse 3), shall be posted soon, Insha Allah.

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