Apr 20, 2011

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Part 13 (a): The Seventh Supplication- The Divine Protection

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Seventh Supplication: “Allah is sufficient for me . There is none worthy of worship but Him . I have placed my trust in Him, He is Lord of the Majestic Throne.”

Detailed formula for Tawakkul

  1. Knowledge about Allah

    • His Names and Attributes
    • Knowledge about His Unlimited Power, Ability to suffice His servants
    • His Unlimited Knowledge, and His Sovereignty.

    This Knowledge is the first step in the journey of Tawakkul.

    What is the best way to know Allah?

    To recite the Qur’an and to pray to Allah to increase our knowledge about Him.

  2. To Maintain the Means of Achievement

    Ignoring those means is not part of the Sunnah.

    Taking action is part of Tawakkul.

    Taking action is in line with the rules and sunan of Allah on earth. Allah decreed that hunger will not be removed unless we eat, and thirst is not going to be removed unless we take action and reach for a cup of water.

    Do your actions and then put your trust in Allah.

    Allah’s Messenger (SAW) is the best Mutawakil:

    • He used to save the provision of one year for his family.
    • When he left Mecca, he hid himself with his friend in the cave, Asma used to bring food to them, the son of Abu Bakr used to pass by with his herd of cattle to remove the footsteps of his sister. He hired a Non Muslim guide to show them the way to Madina.
    • He could have said, I am the final Messenger and I am the best Mutawakil, so I am going to ignore all the means and measures of security, and just leave in front of everyone. He did not do it. Why? He is teaching his Ummah to take action in the right manner and do their homework.
    • One day Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel without tying it and he asked the Bedouin, “Why don’t you tie down your camel?” The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah.” The Prophet then said, “Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah” (At-Tirmidhi).
  3. To Uphold Tawheed in the heart: The core of tawakkul is the tawheed of the heart. We can not fully rely on Allah, if we believe that someone else has the power to do what only Allah can do.

    Consulting a doctor is a part of taking the means of cure, but only Allah can grant recovery from any sickness.

  4. Be satisfied with the help of Allah and His assistance:

    This is the challenge:

    Take action but do not rely on it.

    Place your trust fully on Allah.

  5. Have a god opinion about Allah: If you do not trust a person, you do not seek for his help.
  6. Referring all your affairs to Allah: This is the essence of tawakkul. We refer all our affairs to Allah by choice.

    Children usually refer all their affairs to their parents, because most of the time, they do not have any other option. Their parents know better.

    The case of the believer is different. He refers all his affairs to Allah by choice.

The next Part 13 (b): The Seventh Supplication, shall be posted soon, Insha Allah…

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