Jul 17, 2015

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Umm ‘Atiyya reported: The Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) commanded us to bring out on’id-ul-fitr and ‘Id-ul-Adha young women, menstruating women and purdah-observing ladies, menstruating women kept back from prayer, but participated in goodness and supplication of the Muslims. I said: Messenger of Allaah, one of us does not have an outer garment (to cover her face and body). He said: Let her sister cover her with her outer garment. (Muslim, 1934)

  1. subhanAllah our deen promotes congregation and gatherings to seek Allah’s pleasure….but in our country people don’t give any importance to this point in the above hadith…they only arrange and limit this congregational eid prayer for males and not at all for females…rather majority of them don’t even consider preferable act to arrange a separate area for muslim women …they might have not read this hadith or don’t want to follow it because it goes against their usual custom…in childhood i had this great desire that i wish only on eid day i become a boy and enjoy the distinct feeling of eid prayer and greeting my muslim brother after eid prayer….i didn’t know that Islam had allowed women to pray this eid prayer observing full hijab….im much more satisfied now although i can’t perform this eid prayer in prayer place.here in our country….but Allah has allowed that’s more than enough for me…alhamdulilah

  2. Yes dear, I totally agree with you.

    In many countries even now, ladies are not allowed to go to the masjid.

    In this hadith, we have been clearly told that women can attend the eid prayers, but we need to observe proper hijab.

    Insha Allah a time will come, when all the masjids will allow women to attend the prayers in the masjid.

  3. I agree with Mini and have always wished that there were as many places for women to offer Eid as there are for men..!!

  4. Hassan K Mohidin says:

    Assalam alaikum everybody.Even most of the places in india,, this prctice of not allowing or no arrangements for the women to participate in eid prayers exist.Recently the Salafi movements started allowing women to participate but the so-called sunny group (I prefer to call the followers of Islam as muslims rather than giving tag to groupism)think/spread the news as new practice,though the mullas clearly know this hadith.They confine their spouses to home-maker job and theirs is only cooking and taking care of their children

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