Jun 5, 2016

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Invocation for a family who invites you to break your fast with them

Listen to this Du’a:

، أَفْطَـرَ عِنْدَكُم الصّـائِمونَ

،طَعامَـكُمُ الأبْـرار 

وَصَلَّـتْ عَلَـيْكُمُ الملائِكَـة

Aftara ‘indakumus-saa’imoona, wa ‘akala ta’aamakumul-‘abraaru, wa sallat ‘alaykumul-malaa’ikatu.

With you, those who are fasting have broken their fast, you have fed those who are righteous, and the angels recite their prayers upon you.

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