Jun 8, 2016

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Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, “Take Suhur as there is a blessing in it.” (Bukhari, 1808)

Share your personal tips as to how you wake up for Suhoor, here

  1. SubhanAllah as blessings of Allah Almighty is what we need the most.

  2. arjuman khan says:

    subhan allah.

  3. subhanAllah…there is grest blessing behind doing suhoor…it gives you the strength to do ibadah with full energy inshaa’Allah

  4. Subhan Allah!

    The way I make sure I never miss Suhoor and Fajr is by keeping my alarm away from my bed. So when my alarm rings, I HAVE TO get up to switch it off. So Alhamdulillah this technique works very well for me and don’t end up missing Suhoor or Fajr.

  5. thats true.Also the more we are sincere about waking up,the easier it will be.Pray before sleeping to Allah to wake you on time and believe it helps. =)

  6. Back in Bombay when we were small, it was like a practice a person used walk at twilight through the streets calling people to wake up for suhur and when we try to peep outside from the window we never used to see him because the time our eyes open he’s already left…with his call..hehe. Don’t know if they still do it.

  7. I too do as Sis Shayista does.Keep the alarm away from me and just few days back i changed the tone to that of Fire Alarm and i am up and running at the second beep.Even my son sits up from sleep hearing that.Subahanallah!!:)

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  9. [quote] subhan ALLAH… I got 3 wake up alarms… At 1st my mobile rings, I snooze it Zzz… Then calls my grandma "Suhoor is ready come fast" , I replies "yes am coming grandma.. Zzz.." still in the bed, and finally mama comes, pull off my blanket and raises voice "U not yet awake? Its almost fajr!!!" which gets me on feet… 😀

    anyway.. all these keeps me never miss suhoor meal… alhamduliLLAH.. 🙂 [/quote]

  10. I would recommend everyone to drink lots of water before sleeping. In this way after say 4 hours or so you shall get the call automatically and inturn you can catch the Tahajjud namaz as well.

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